2012: A Baker’s Dozen

2012: A Baker’s Dozen


1. Get creative with JLA, Ken Ueno, Sarah Kirkland Snider and Sxip Shirey. Go on!

2. You could even just ring a bell….

3. Because you never know who might be listening.

4. No time for that? Consider talking to Kristin Kuster about it before you make up your mind.

5. In any case, it might not be a bad idea to try ditching notation software as an exercise for the future.

6. Not every musician uses it, after all. Zoe Keating doesn’t!

7. Paul Mathews takes us on a spin through The Cycle of Get.

8. While Dan Visconti plays games.

9. Turns out Isaac Schankler is really good at bending the truth.

10. RIP the woman composer. Wait, what? There are so many of them!

11. Actual RIP Elliott Carter and William Duckworth.

12. Did you know that you can still download our first NewMusicBox Mix?

13. It might actually change your life.

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