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  1. Music and the American Presidency: A Virtual Fireside Chat with U.S. Presidents

    ... Letter to Mr. G. M. Dallas et al. from the Merchant's...

  2. Minimal Music, Maximal Impact

    Without any doubt whatever, the most important musico-historical event of my lifetime has been the advent of minimalism. Like most composers of my generation, I have drawn musical ideas from...

  3. Is There Really No Place Like Home?: American Composers Abroad


  4. Thea Musgrave: Where The Practicality Comes In

    ..., some of the notes are out of tune.  A G-flat and an F...

  5. John Eaton: Involving Audiences in the Sweep of the Music

    ... orchestra there's as much of a difference between a G# and...

  6. Making Marx in the Music: A HyperHistory of New Music and Politics

    ... country's cynical election of Warren G. Harding...