A Word For Our Sponsor

A Word For Our Sponsor

Question for those of you who’ve lived in the Baltimore/D.C. media market in the past five or ten years: Do you remember that TV spot for a realty company in which a dude wonderingly remarks, “I didn’t even know those homes were there?” In my callow youth, that juicy bon mot was a popular catch phrase to accompany any doltish, long overdue discovery.

A recent long overdue discovery of my own brought those sublime words to mind, but first I must disclaim that it’s impossible for me to relate this revelation to you without sounding like a total shill, so bear with me. I just now—just now, after becoming an AMC member in 2006—stumbled upon the resources and services available to AMC members over at www.amc.net. They are extensive, as it turns out. If you’re not an AMC participant, you should think about rectifying that, because—who knew?—it’s actually pretty great.

Do you have an upcoming show you want to plug? Maybe you’re in need of a copyist to make some parts. Perhaps you’d just benefit from a little more internet exposure. The AMC’s site has your back.

Postscript: The reason why it took me so long to get at my membership goodies is so ridiculous that I have to share it with you. At the time I joined, I was a student at the University of Illinois, so my email address had a uiuc.edu suffix. However, my execrable handwriting rendered my user name with a suffix of “vivc.edu,” and this quasi-Latinate error resulted in my estrangement from AMC services for the better part of four years. But now we’re reunited and it feels so good, and I highly recommend it.

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