ASCAP Announces Winners of Annual Young Jazz Composer Awards

ASCAP Announces Winners of Annual Young Jazz Composer Awards

Recipients of the 2005/2006 ASCAP Foundation Young Jazz Composer Awards were named on February 1, 2006. The ASCAP Foundation, which supports American music creators, established this award in 2002 for gifted young composers in the United States to encourage their future development.

Winners ranged from ages 13 to 30 and received a cash award as well as recognition at the ASCAP Jazz Wall event in New York on June 21, 2006. The youngest winners included Matt Savage, 13, of New Hampshire, Ted Taforo, 16, of California, and Jay Rattman, 18, of Pennsylvania. There were a total of 23 winners, and 9 honorable mentions. John Fedchock, Jay Leonhart, and Rufus Reid judged the competition. A complete list of the winners appears below.

Omar Alvarado, 23, Dallax, TX
Chris Blacker , 25, Seattle, WA. Listen here.
Daniel Blake , 24, Malden, MA
Jonathan Blake, 29, Paterson, NJ
Michael Blanco, 29, Astoria, NY
Patrick Cornelius, 27, Astoria, NY
Zaccai Curtis, 26, Windsor, CT
Jeff Fairbanks, 26, Flushing, NY
Ross Garren , 25, Carmel, CA
Alex Han, 23, Scottsdale, AZ
Jule Hardy, 29, Brooklyn, NY
Ethan Herr , 28, Englewood, NJ
Ayn Inserto, 29, Boston, MA
Pascal le Boeuf, 19, Santa Cruz, CA
Remy Le Boeuf, 19, Santa Cruz, CA
Yotam Rosenbaum , 29, Culver City, CA
Scott Routenberg, 28, Miami, FL
Sam Sadigursky, 26, Brooklyn, NY
Kyle Saulnier, 25, Cheshire, CT
Perry Smith, 22, Tiburon, CA
Loren Stillman, 25, Brooklyn, NY
Erica Von Kleist, 23, New York, NY
Ezra Weiss, 26, Scottsdale, AZ

Honorable Mentions:
Jarrett Cherner, 24, San Anselmo, CA
David Guidi, 27, Austin, TX
Ross Lafleur, 24, Charlotte, NC
Michael MacAllister, 23, Boston, NY
Bob Reynolds, 28, Astoria, NY
Peter Robbins, 27, Brooklyn, NY
Sylvester Sands, 26, Orange, CT
Jaleel Shaw, 27, Patterson, NJ
Kris Tiner, 28, Bakersfield, CA

Youngest ASCAP Foundation Young Jazz Composers:
Morgan Jones, 18, CA
Jay Rattman, 18, PA
Matt Savage, 13, NH
Ted Taforo, 16, CA

Honorable Mentions:
Jimmy Macbride, 14, CT
Jacob Siegel, 17, MN

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