From the Gangway to United 890, Narita Airport

From the Gangway to United 890, Narita Airport


The left label says “noise,” the right, “music.”

The color scheme suggests its part of an ad campaign for HSBC (“the World’s Local Bank”), which has some other ads at the airport. But I can’t figure out the tie-in. Still, if they were celebrating noise as well as music, I might consider opening an account!

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7 thoughts on “From the Gangway to United 890, Narita Airport

  1. sarahcahill

    Still, it’s very provocative, especially that mysterious hand on the grooves. Let us know if you open an account, Carl.

  2. mollys

    Double Feature
    Don’t worry; this photo is just a bonus Tuesday post while Frank is out enjoying some much deserved vacation time. You’ll see a longer piece from Carl on Thursday, which will be his regular posting day.

  3. sarahcahill

    Thank goodness! I’ve never known Carl to be a man of so few words, and was a little concerned. Thanks, Molly- and congratulations on the new columns, which are wonderful.

  4. siconesis

    I don’t think the people at HSBC are trying to value noise as music. They might just be saying that while others (their competition) hear just noise, HSBC finds the music in it. Just a way to say that they’ll understand you, no matter how odd your ideas or needs are. I guess they’re only trying to get to the “unique” individuals.

    Although you should try opening an account, maybe something sonically unexpected will happen!


    I saw similar ads they ran in the US, and the basic gist of these ads is that HSBC serves all kinds of people; “both those who think DJs make noise and those who things DJs make great music are welcome at HSBC” is the idea. In the American one, they had things like 2 identical pictures of sushi, one that said “tasty” and one that said “yucky,” followed by two identical pictures of a burger, one that said “tasty” and one that said “yucky.” And then there was some tagline about it being everyone’s bank, no matter what your point-of-view. Or something like that.

  6. CM Zimmermann

    Editorial Shift?
    This week’s chatter section has discussions about a rock band, viral marketing, and now an advertisement for an international bank.


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