Goosing the Forum

Goosing the Forum


Do you have some kind of standing order, or trial by fire, where you encourage NewMusicBox staff to take radically offensive positions as a way of gaining experience in billboard exchanges – kind of like adversarial lawyer debates – and generating “discussion” and hits?

Everyone seemed to agree that new music was chamber music, so the Forum has been quiet all month. You posted that Napster thing, which was nice, but then Jonathan Murphy kept posting all this nonsense about bands – stuff pretty irrelevant to your typical American Music Center member, no?

I also remember Jenny Undercofler weeping and wailing about Forum participation some time back – and that title about Britney Spears never made any sense to me.

Come clean, Frank, what’s going on? It’s one thing to have a completely open Letters to the Editor page, and I’m all for freedom of speech, but why is your own staff acting this way? They’re employees of the American Music Center, no?

Let us in on the joke.

Barry Drogin

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