Help! New Music Service Organizations Answer the Call

Help! New Music Service Organizations Answer the Call

Although obviously not as powerful or as far-reaching as national service organizations, some of the regional organizations that exist to help local composers and ensembles have accomplished a great deal in establishing important local new music scenes. Throughout the country there are places like the Network for New Music, which is a strong presence in Philadelphia, and the Consortium of Vermont Composers which helped to launch an impressive new music Web site, Kalvos and Damian New Music Bazaar.

If you’re in the New York City area and are interested in electronic music and technology, Harvestworks is a good place to go. It offers a number of activities, including classes in its newly-renovated recording and multimedia facilities, an Artist-in-residence program, a composer contact service, presentations of new music technology, and produces Tellus, The Audio Magazine. There’s also Composers Collaborative Inc., which presents stage productions, films, videos, seminars, and workshops for children.

Other vital organizations around the country include the Iowa Composers Forum, Long Island Composers Alliance, Inc., and the Wisconsin Alliance for Composers, Inc.

And if you’re in any of these spots, check out these organizations that, unfortunately, don’t have websites: Capitol Composers Alliance in College Park, MD (202-244-9548); Connecticut Composers, Inc. in Glastonbury (203-633-5506); and the South Florida Composers Alliance in Miami (305-758-6676).

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