Help! New Music Service Organizations Answer the Call

Help! New Music Service Organizations Answer the Call

The Center for the Promotion of Contemporary Composers (CPCC), a resource for composers to find information on competitions, job opportunities, and grants, as well as to disseminate information about themselves, exists entirely on the Internet, and is an experiment for how service organizations can exist in the future.

Director of the CPCC, Stephen Lias, believes that the Internet is one of the best ways to get people to know about contemporary music. “In order for new music to flourish,” Lias says, “composers must be able to find out about opportunities, come in contact with performers, choreographers, lyricists, and conductors, and have a medium through which to publicize and promote their activities. In the three years since it was founded, CPCC has successfully created an online community in which these goals are being realized. As a ‘virtual’ service organization, CPCC could not even exist without the Internet. We handle most of our communication through e-mail, and the Internet is our sole platform for dissemination of information.”

The Web site includes a list of the over 100 members, including photos and links. Also, CPCC organizes a list of concerts of contemporary music throughout the country, a catalogue of over 2,300 scores of member works, and a directory of composers. CPCC offers low cost custom Web sites so composers can post information about themselves on the Internet.

Lias believes the “CPCC will continue to expand as our membership and readership grows. We are always watching for new developments in the delivery of information (text, audio, graphics, etc.) that will enhance our ability to foster the creation and performance of contemporary music.”

From Help! New Music Service Organizations Answer the Call
by Karissa Krenz
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