Help Wanted

Help Wanted

I’m a notorious procrastinator. So much so that I have a rather high-profile premiere next month, and I still haven’t finished the score. But that’s only half the story. When it comes to fulfilling requests for providing someone with existing scores, it can take me over a year to come through. I’m talking paying customers, well-known performers, and presenters. I know I’m shooting myself in the foot here, but I just can’t find the time to set up a home office equipped to handle the few requests I actually receive. By the way, If you’re one of those who is still waiting for that package from me to arrive, I apologize and vow to get my shit together, eventually.

Part of my problem is the incompatible paper sizes between the U.S. standard and the superiorly proportioned European counterpart. Transferring something from A3 to 11×17 is doable, but you can spend a small fortune at Kinko’s copying mammoth A2 scores. Ugh, I hate Kinko’s! I’m sure I’m not alone. Admittedly, I’ve avoided the hassle altogether by sending out my last copy of something and requesting that the musicians photocopy the score themselves before sending the original back to me. There I go shooting myself in the foot again. It almost pains me too much to mention that I rarely apply for grants or awards because I don’t have the time to get a package of work samples together.

I’m a little envious when I’m at a colleague’s home and discover piles of pre-made scores all ready to be sent out. Then you stumble upon laser printers capable of handling large format paper, binders of various sorts, and an area totally separate from where they compose outfitted to assemble scores and take care of the business side of things.

What’s the solution to all of my woes? Well, this craigslist ad is a start.

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4 thoughts on “Help Wanted

  1. JKG

    (1) go to a shrink and have him help you get to the roots of your procrastination problem, or
    (2) find a different line of work, with music strictly as a sideline.

  2. Daniel Wolf

    As an American based in Europe, this problem is all-too-familiar.

    When I make my scores, my final step is to produce two PDF files, one in A4 and one in letter or legal. If the performers are in the US and need the materials immediately, they can then request the letter/legal PDF file and print it themselves.

    Larger format scores are another problem altogether, but my current solution is to produce parts in A4 and letter/legal and a smaller format (= not quite miniature) score in the same paper sizes. Again, they can have a pdf of the reduced-format score immediately or wait for the post to deliver the full-format score.

    BTW, my use of photocopies (on card stock) and standard paper formats instead of the odd music sizes is the result of an old private protest against a certain new music establishment which defined part of professionalism by the use of odd sizes and ozalid copies. (2nd BTW: I have a small stack of ozalid scores purchased at high prices in the 70s, all of them with fading images and crumbling paper, while photocopies from the same era are in great shape.)


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