It’s Too Darn Hot

It’s Too Darn Hot

Today was the hottest day in Los Angeles history. Downtown the National Weather Service stopped measuring the heat after it exceeded 113 degrees. People around town may argue about that time when the thermometer hit 119, but that was in The Valley, and I’m not sharing my Valley feelings here. So I am tossing coherence out the window in honor of a proper fan. Here are a few random thoughts to underscore this scorcher:

  1. I am becoming increasingly intrigued by this whole 3-D printing buzz. I wonder where we might imagine taking new music. Last week I rhapsodized on French paper (Alexandra also had some great thoughts on sketches and the visual). Well this week I’m wondering if the nouvelle Boulez color notation might be in the third dimension? What if that eighth note actually protruded from the page just a bit? What if notational elements could be serialized, including their physical dimension? Pot talk, perhaps, but check out what a few people are doing…
  2. Inside. I finished the pre-records for The Turtle Island String Quartet session tomorrow at Skywalker Sound. Regarding the parts conversation of last week, it’s interesting to juxtapose the level of detail for string quartet parts with that of a single sax player coming to record in the studio. Harkening back to this model of instant-music, the string parts needed more information, more specific details. Although the specificity of the sax articulation mattered, so much was determined about the interpretation in person. With four players on a sound stage, the formalities of interpretation create a bit of a fourth wall. However fabulous, the clock is ticking and there is a lot of music to record, so details reign. I’m excited to hear the Turtles again.
  3. Outside: Cooling Thoughts.

  4. My good friend Garrett is living in New Orleans while creating a new film. All summer in New Orleans she sent stories of living in incredible heat. Since it was cool here in LA all summer long, it was slightly amusing to hear tales of dinner guests fainting and such due to the extreme temperatures. In her honor, I include a little selection from The Hot 8 Brass Band:

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