Minnesota Orchestra Composer Institute Day 5/6/Concert

Minnesota Orchestra Composer Institute Day 5/6/Concert

2010 Minnesota Orchestra Composers
Pictured from left to right: Taylor Brizendine, Clint Needham, Osmo Vänskä, Ben Phelps, Wang Jie, David Weaver, Narong Prangcharoen, Polina Nazaykinskaya

Whoops! Sorry this entry is late, I fell asleep a little early Thursday night. It was a very long day.

Well, it happened. The premiere of my piece by the Minnesota Orchestra. It was absolutely PERFECT. I must admit, I had been a little nervous about some of the rhythms during the first rehearsal on Thursday, but after today’s dress rehearsal and concert I can say I am relieved. Frankly, I don’t know why I was worried in the first place. I had been assured so many times by all of the guest artists—and from hearing the orchestra live—that the pieces would be performed expertly, but I suppose I’m just an anxious person.

Everyone’s pieces were amazing. It is so rare to work with so many composers all premiering works at the same time, and I am distraught that the experience is over. I cannot explain how much I want to stay in Minneapolis for at least a solid month. All of the people I have met, all of the musicians I have worked with, all of the amazing places I’ve been… it’s just so surreal. I truly wish it didn’t end. For those of you who read the first blog entry… feel free to call me a composer now. I’m down with it.

Many thanks to Steven Stucky, Alex Shapiro, John Clare, James Kendrick, Lee Bowen, Deborah Horne, Barbara Petersen, Joanne Hubbard Cossa, anyone from ASCAP, BMI, AMC, ACF, and anywhere else I may have forgotten. If I forgot you, it wasn’t on purpose I promise.

Special thanks to Osmo Vänskä and The Minnesota Orchestra, you’ve officially blown my mind; to Aaron Jay Kernis, you have been immensely supportive and helpful throughout this process; to Frank J. Oteri, thank you so much for picking me as your blogger; and to Lilly Schwartz, thank you for being so organized, and now for being a friend.

Even if you hated my piece, thank you so much!! Just listening is all I could ask for. And on a final note, the actual title of my piece is Mandrake is seeded by the ejaculations of hanged men.

On a final note:

If you know nothing about the Minnesota Orchestra or the Composer Institute, I urge you to do some research. The orchestra is by far one of the finest in the country, and the Composer Institute is a wildly helpful, one-of-a-kind experience. If you live in Minnesota and you don’t have tickets to the orchestra, stop being foolish. If you live in New York and have not seen their many concerts at Carnegie, stop being foolish. If you’re nowhere near either place, support your local orchestra if only by attending one concert a year. There is so much musical talent in this world and most of the population never hears it, so don’t waste what is all around you.

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