New Math for New Music

New Math for New Music

A few fun items before you turn off that computer and slip into weekend picnic mode:


  • The 99-cents iTunes price point is under threat by a more complex structure that would price songs by popularity. Under this model, the average new music track would sell for how much?

  • I’ve never been one for arithmetic, but Mary Jane Leach is awash in pieces for multiples—four or more of one instrument. She’s up to 355 works and still counting, earning an “A” in my grade book. Drop her a line if she’s missed any.

  • Halim El-Dabh is holding court at UNYAZI festival of electronic music in South Africa. Heralded as the father of electronic music on the continent, El-Dabh will be treating Johannesburg to a concert of his work and, thanks to the wonders of the Internet, the Ingenuity Festival in Cleveland, Ohio, will get a taste via live-feed broadcast on the side of a building in their Public Square tonight.

  • Corey Dargel, our favorite postmodern love song composer, has launched a new valentine—a special “Composers and the People Who Love Them” interview series. The first installment, available as a podcast, invites Eve Beglarian into the composer isolation chamber.

  • This month, Kyle Gann is toasting the ladies in the house at Postclassic Radio. Annea Lockwood, Annie Gosfield, Bernadette Speach, Elizabeth Brown, Elodie Lauten, Janice Giteck, Jewlia Eisenberg, and Julia Wolfe…to name a few. If you ask me, this just begs the question: Can you hear estrogen? [AJ-Gann]

  • Composer Scott Johnson gets name-checked on famed intellectual-slacker blog The Major Fall, The Minor Lift. Sunlight shines down from a new direction. [TMFTML]

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One thought on “New Math for New Music

  1. mjleach

    Music for multiples
    Thanks Molly. The list is already up to 513, and I’ve probably got about 30 more to enter! Maybe I should get an “F” for foolhardy.


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