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New Music News Wire

3 Composers Named as 2007 Bush Foundation Artist Fellows

The Bush Foundation recently announced the recipients for its 2007 Artist Fellows Awards, which grants $48,000 in unrestricted funds and $2,000 in funds dedicated to communications, to artists residing in Minnesota, North Dakota, and South Dakota. Among the fifteen recipients, chosen from a wide variety of artistic practices and media, three composers were selected: Douglas R. Ewart, Edie Hill, and Matthew Sawyer Smith. The other recipients of the award included three playwrights, four writers, and three filmmakers, all residents of the region. The Bush Foundation, founded in 1953, has awarded such grants for 31 years, and is one of few organizations to offer unrestricted grants of this size.

National Arts Journalism Program to Reopen

The National Arts Journalism Program, which ran successfully from 1994 to 2005, has re-launched after a two-year hiatus. The program, which awards fellowships to mid-career arts journalists, publishes research reports on the arts journalism industry, and holds journalism conferences, will be led by a new advisorial board which includes John Rockwell, Robert Christgau, Laura Sydell, Lily Tung, John Horn, Laura Collins-Hughes, and Douglas McLennan. Centered at the Columbia School of Journalism, the program will continue to offer all of the services developed before its closing, and also promises to “work with the press toward a more rigorous, better informed public debate about the arts in America.”

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