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Boosey & Hawkes Signs Wynton Marsalis

On January 8, 2008, Boosey & Hawkes, Inc. announced the signing of Wynton Marsalis to an exclusive agreement, including worldwide grand and rental rights, as well as small rights, mechanicals, print, and synchronization usages in much of the Western hemisphere and Africa.

Wynton Marsalis
Photo courtesy Boosey & Hawkes, Inc.

Widely-recognized jazz traditionalist Wynton Marsalis (b. 1961) first came to prominence in his late teens as the trumpeter in Art Blakey’s Jazz Messengers beginning in 1980. He soon formed his own ensembles, branched out to classical trumpet performance, and composition in both jazz and classical formats. His recordings as a leader have earned nine Grammy awards and in 1997, his oratorio Blood on the Fields was awarded the Pulitzer Prize in Music. His other compositions include A Fiddler’s Tale (created as a companion piece for Stravinsky’s Soldier’s Tale), the jazz concept album Citi Movement (Griot New York), and the string quartet At the Octaroon Balls. Currently Artistic Director of Jazz at Lincoln Center, Marsalis is also involved in a wide array of educational and humanitarian activities including the organization of relief efforts in New Orleans in the wake of Hurricane Katrina.

Boosey & Hawkes launched its jazz initiative in 2006 and now represents composers David Benoit, Chick Corea, Andrew Hill, and Wynton Marsalis, as well as the works of Charles Mingus through Jazz Workshop, Inc. The publisher is also the worldwide agent for the Second Floor Music catalogue, which features compositions of the bop and post-bop eras.

Annie Gosfield and Ron Kuivila Receive $25K FCA Grants

The Foundation for Contemporary Arts awarded $25,000 unrestricted to composers Annie Gosfield and Ron Kuivila. They were among ten other artists also selected to receive FCA grants in order to complete a project. The Foundation for Contemporary Arts was founded in 1963 and included members such as John Cage. Since then, it has since grown to include various fields of art in its grants, supporting its programs through the sale of works and direct donations.

The Center for Creative Resources Becomes Building Operator of TheTimesCenter

On Thursday, the Center for Creative Resources (CCR) announced its appointment as Building Operator of the New York Times-run TheTimesCenter. CCR, an arts management firm based in New York City, was founded in 2003 and provides administrative services for individuals and organizations in the arts. After having been involved with the development of the building since 2005, CCR will be responsible for all of TheTimesCenter’s daily operations, and will manage various public and private events occurring at the venue.

TheTimesCenter, designed by architect Renzo Piano, opened in September of last year, and contains two areas for events. The Stage seats 378 audience members and features a 40-foot stage, and is used for small concerts, as well as events such as lectures, readings, and film screenings. The Hall accommodates between 400 and 700 occupants, and may be used for exhibitions, trade shows, and other larger events. Called the “centerpiece” of the recently opened New York Times headquarters, TheTimesCenter will host Times-sponsored events such as Arts & Leisure Week as well as serve as the venue for groups like the Metropolis Ensemble and the Academy of American Poets.

For more information about the Center for Creative Resources, visit; for more information about TheTimesCenter, visit

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