Overheard in Minneapolis

Overheard in Minneapolis

My grandmother told me today that she told an elderly friend of hers that her grandson was a composer and was having a piece played by the Minnesota Orchestra. Her friend said, “Well, Vivian, I thought all the composers were dead.” Well, let me tell you they are not. A swarm have descended on Minneapolis this weekend. We began the festivities with a concert by the Minnesota Orchestra of Skrowaczewski (Music at Night), Chopin (1st Piano Concerto), and Strauss (Also sprach).

Heard in the bathroom just before the concert: “Well, have to wait 17 mintues through some new music before we get to the good stuff.” The new music was actually a terrific 50-year-old score by the 85-year-old maestro Skrowaczewski, who also conducted the performance. Most of the composers considered the Chopin a well-played bore, but I guess I would consider it an exceptionally well-played bore. The Strauss was spectacular. These strings can really play.

Of course, what is on everyone’s mind right now is politics. It’s hard to focus on music with the whole country holding its collective breath until Wednesday, but something tells we will all settle in tomorrow and think plenty of music.

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One thought on “Overheard in Minneapolis

  1. Matthew Peterson

    Dear Justin,

    Wish very much that I could be there for what will be a terrific concert of you and the others’ new “good stuff.”

    Hearing about your grandmother’s friend’s comment reminds me of the many comments I overheard from the shocked elderly women behind me as I worked the projector during the premiere of your “Inferno.” It’s nice to know that some little old ladies remain staunchly opinionated about new music composition, or the imagined lack thereof (no offense to elderly women intended).

    I will wait for more news of the readings with the same anticipation Sweden and I normally have been reserving for the election…


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