Payday: 50 Artists Pick Up $50,000 Checks Courtesy United States Artists

Payday: 50 Artists Pick Up $50,000 Checks Courtesy United States Artists


A basket weaver, a tap dancer, a bowed piano composer—just a sampling of the diverse group of artists set to receive a $50,000 grant for artistic excellence, courtesy of the USA Fellows program. For the third year in a row, the Los Angeles-based United States Artists is awarding unrestricted grants to 50 working artists, including seven musicians and composers, “in recognition of the caliber and impact of their work.”

The award-winning composers and musicians are:

  • Muhal Richard Abrams, pianist, composer, and jazz musician (New York, NY)

  • Robert Cazimero, Hawaiian musician and composer (Honolulu, HI)

  • Chris Jonas and Molly Sturges, composers, musicians, and performance artists (Santa Fe, NM)

  • Stephen Scott, composer and bowed piano musician (Colorado Springs, CO)

  • Henry Threadgill, composer, saxophonist, flautist, and jazz musician (New York, NY)

  • Wu Man, Chinese pipa musician (Carlsbad/San Diego, CA)

The artists will be honored tonight with a celebration at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago. Additional information about the prize winners and United States Artists is available here.


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