The 2010 Nashville Symphony EarShot Blog: Final Thoughts

The 2010 Nashville Symphony EarShot Blog: Final Thoughts

[Ed. Note: This is the final installment of Michael Rickleton’s blog from the American Composers Orchestra Earshot readings at the Nashville Symphony. His first installment is here, the second installment is here, the third is here, and the fourth is here.—FJO]

Friday, April 9, 2010, 12:14am—Well, I’ve left Nashville and I’m currently sitting in the Detroit airport waiting to return to Baltimore, which has given me some time to reflect on this unique experience I’ve had through EarShot.

This entire program was exceptional. The composers involved were treated extremely well (beyond what any of us could have expected). We were spoiled these past few days, both personally and musically. It’s a rare occasion to receive this kind of treatment and an even rarer occasion to have such an overwhelmingly positive musical experience with no complications. I really do need to take a moment and identify all those who made this experience possible: Ed Harsh, President of Meet The Composer; Cindi Hubbard, EarShot Project Manager; Emma McLeod, Nashville Symphony Representative; John Glover and Jenny Kampmeier of the American Composers Orchestra; composers Jennifer Higdon, Edgar Meyer, and Robert Beaser; and of course Giancarlo Guerrero and the Nashville Symphony. I am sure there are many more names of folks that we did not have direct contact with that played roles in making this experience amazing for Chia-yu, Ryan, Daniel and myself. To all of those named and unnamed, THANK YOU! You have given four “young” composers a wonderful experience and an enriched learning opportunity.

I know I have grown as a composer and musician over these past few days and I am positive that this experience will have a great effect on my future work. This was a special experience for me, coming back to Nashville. I hope to make it back more often because two years is simply too long. I’m not exactly excited to get back to normal, but I do miss Emily (my wife) and I’m looking forward to seeing her. I guess that wraps things up for me and this blog. For anyone who has been keeping up, thanks so much and I hope the quality of writing wasn’t too offensive. Oh, I had my gyro for lunch today—a huge exclamation point on the end of three great days.

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