The Friday Informer: Because Nothing Says the Holidays Have Arrived Like High-Tech Gadgetry

The Friday Informer: Because Nothing Says the Holidays Have Arrived Like High-Tech Gadgetry

  • Bloggers are changing the face of music criticism, but few people know what the hell they’re talking about. [Guardian via ArtsJournal]

  • Forget the sexy sleekness of the iPod Nano. Try wandering around town with one of these. For those who can’t do anything that’s not “ironic” in some fashion, just be sure and load up on music with some hard-core academic pedigree attached. You’ll be sure to shame any iPod warriors who cross your path.

    Tristan Perich’s One Bit Music

  • It’s a CD, it’s an MP3…no, wait, it’s Tristan Perich’s One Bit Music. breaks down this new bit of technology as “a set of circuitry that plays glitchy minimal electronic music…the jewel case at the intersection of sound art, dance music and those cheesy, battery-operated glossy-magazine and greeting-card inserts that play “Jingle Bells.” Available in limited edition for $100 each, a CD-style release is expected January 2006 on Cantaloupe. The track “Certain Movement” (MP3) will give you a feel for the fun. [Disquiet]

  • The OLPC (one laptop per child) $100 computer has been unveiled at a recent UN net summit. 500MHz processor, mesh networking capabilities, and four USB ports come standard…Just imagine what sort of music might be blasting in the street if they added ProTools and a music notation software package. Laptop shows are about to get more adorable. [Engadget via Eyebeam]

  • And in a completely unrelated moment of sentimentality: We miss ya, Morty.

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