The Friday Informer: But Tell Me What You Really Think

The Friday Informer: But Tell Me What You Really Think

  • Composer David Rakowski adds a few words to the lexicon. Try out such terms as “OLAMBIC” at your next concert reception.

  • Is your drummer getting on your nerves again? Meet Haile, a “robotic percussionist that can listen to live players…and use the product of this analysis to play back in an improvisational manner.” He also never drinks your beer, steals your girlfriend, or shows up late for the set.

  • The Telegraph‘s Ivan Hewett reports that composers are “a shy and clean-living lot.” [via ArtsJournal] As Bugs might have interjected, “He don’t know us very well, do he?” Still, we do have limits. No one I know of in new music has attempted steering a 30-ton boat around the globe on some mad quest for inspiration.

    Photo: Business Wire

  • The iconic “blown away” guy from the ’80s ad campaign that seduced us into buying expensive home stereo equipment will be making it back into the marketing fray. Though originally it was Wagner’s power knocking him back in his chair, no clue if that aspect will be tampered with in the update. Might we suggest some Maryanne Amacher?

  • Has your latest CD been remaindered? Don’t sweat it. The bargain bin just might be the place you get your next big break.

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