The Friday Informer: Cheese, With a Side of Corn

The Friday Informer: Cheese, With a Side of Corn

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Glorious Marching Band Music

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Now, I’m all for bringing art to the people (mind the arsonists!), and even having a little serving of corn and cheese alongside, but maybe what happened in the ’80s should stay there.

Danger in the air! Danger on the ground! Seriously, is Tristan the Macbeth of the opera world? I mean, I don’t want to add to our secret fears, but things are getting out of control. A little bit of ugly drama may be good for the art, but at times like these I prefer to distract myself with a happy little alternate reality.

Yes, the internet has been good to us. Music no longer needs to involve any messy human interaction—it can be pure and untouched. You can let your fans fund your next album, and then let wikipedia write the music and package the CD. Then you just distribute it to the waiting masses, all without having to kick off your bunny slippers. You can even audition for the Van Cliburn competition without leaving the house, but in that case I’d recommend combing your hair first.

Tired now? The www still has you covered. You can listen to the masters and read top ten lists till your eyes glaze over. Also, you can learn interesting things, such as how greatly Bach may have resembled Hank Hill’s dad.

AC is solving print journalism’s problems. Ethel’s Cornelius Dufallo tries, too. Frankly, just like musicians and composers, I suspect the writers would prefer a solution that involves a little less talk and a bit more action.

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