The Friday Informer: Children of New Music

The Friday Informer: Children of New Music

When machines attack!

[via sohothedog] Or rather, when they’re synched up and playing Antheil. But I’d keep an eye on that piano player all the same.

You secretly tape us, we’ll secretly tape you. Watch disgraced presidents (Nixon [via artsjournal], Bush [via parterre]) making music. Yeah, that pretty much covers things, though frankly wishing there’d been a little bit more covering Mr. Bush.

Boldly going where MySpace does not. This flash from a future without arts funding.

Do you think they have a patent on that? Practical and not so practical tools for musicians we found on the internet this week.

Riddle me this. If you’re at a live New York Philharmonic concert, but the cellphone you forgot to silence in your purse starts ringing and showing off your official NYPhil ringtone (recorded live at Avery Fisher Hall), is that mash-up as close as the orchestra will get to performing new music this season?

Paging the person who “accidentally” picked up Darcy James Argue’s camera at IAJE. Being a member of a secret society himself, Mr. Argue will ask no questions but, being as he is a much valued blogger who now finds himself missing many post-worthy photo snaps, we sincerely hope that his property is promptly returned to him.

And because we just can’t get enough prediction journalism. Record stores are dead. Record stores are not dead. Maybe you just need to build a store where people can go to download records.

Got something good that I missed? Tell me about it!

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