The Friday Informer: Composers Gone Wild

The Friday Informer: Composers Gone Wild

  • WARNING: Ubu web is back! Do not click on this link if you don’t have the rest of the afternoon to spend watching Bob Ashley chat up his favorite composers in the 1970s. Catch a glimpse of Philip Glass pre-Einstein fame and Alvin Lucier explaining his artistic philosophies while fishing…in a museum! [Gann at PostClassic]

  • Though there are many artists we may suspect are living on another planet, composer Karlheinz Stockhausen has confessed he was actually born on one. Somehow, so many things make just a little more sense now. [The Guardian via ArtsJournal]

  • Noizepunk & Das Krooner take the now defunct Kalvos & Damian format, douse with beer and frat-boy humor, and come up with their own new music Internet radio show. Their freshman effort is currently streaming here.


  • The spam just keeps coming for SingingCoach Unlimited. The program does allow you to import your own standard MIDI files and “animated characters will make learning to use the software and learning to sing easy and fun.” Never listen to a vocalist complain about learning your microtones again.

  • On the merry-go-round that is the copyright protection debate these days, Alec van Gelder of London writes to the Herald Tribune, “I have tried to “Imagine a World Without Copyright,” as suggested by Joost Smiers and Marieke van Schijndel. I see a world without “Casablanca,” Gilbert & Sullivan, Damien Hirst or any of your own favorite composers, musicians, songwriters, artists, novelists, historians, rappers or self-help gurus.” [Dean Kay]

  • Though it hasn’t gotten much of a mention in new music circles yet, Stephen Vitiello’s amazing Buffalo Bass Delay is generating quite a buzz in the art and ambient world. The 54-minute track (sample here) collages minimalist melodies with intimate and industrial real-world field recordings. [BOMB]

  • Is there a place in new music for designer ball gowns? Discuss.

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