The Friday Informer: Could Hell Be an Ice Cream Truck Jingle?

The Friday Informer: Could Hell Be an Ice Cream Truck Jingle?

Photo of the Week
We are Devo, er, um…we are the hard hat-wearing Nashville Symphony giving a big shout out to the men and women who built our new house. And you thought Extreme Makeover: Home Edition got you all emotional.
Photo by RKPowers

  • Well, faithful readers, as I’m sure you’ve heard at least a few times by now, it’s officially summer. Ask your mom for a dollar and run like hell.

  • Sure, it would be nice to just enjoy the sugar high and brush musico-political woes aside for a little while. But if I’m being honest with you, sometimes that “grass is greener” line is also known as “being realistic.”

  • Music prognosticators suspect we could be riding this rock through space for quite a while longer. Iran suggests otherwise, however, with a commission for a Nuclear Symphony to be premiered, um, next week. Tick, tick, tick…

  • If it looks like sooner over later, best talk these guys down off the roof and into the bomb shelter. If we’re going to be stuck down there for while, this gadget [via Red Black Window] is surely preferable to solitaire. Though having this guy along [via eyebeam] in the foxhole will either keep you fabulously entertained or drive you quickly out into that nuclear winter.

  • But maybe we’re jumping the gun. After all, summer is about garage sales, which we now call eBay. Thank goodness, because I don’t think an entire orchestra would fit under the carport. [via artsjournal]

  • Quiet is rather hard to locate these days, what with the iPod showing up in all sorts of places it’s not expected. Including the Queen’s English.

  • Music might make you smarter, but plenty of you will still pay good money for blank CDs.

  • Cost of P2P insurance if RIAA sues: $19. Odds of being sued by the RIAA: 1:1840. One completely legal insurance scam: Priceless.

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