The Friday Informer: Dishing It Out

The Friday Informer: Dishing It Out

Movie of the Week: The Piano Lesson

We’ve all been there. [via Jessica Duchen]

While some classical music organizations are moving boldly into the future (I wonder how many of these guys will be in the audience?), elsewhere the conversation is going less well. But, as per usual, don’t bow your head down too low just yet; there are plenty of counter-volleys.

Also bolstering the cause (what was the cause again?) Beethoven is actually more popular than Elvis (accounting for duration and inflation). The violin is holding its own in the face of all those electric guitars, as well.

Last Friday’s NYT minimalism round-up caused a bit of a scenester kerfuffle, to say the least. And it seems like practically everyone in the blogosphere wanted in on the pile on.

If this is all feeling a little too much like a lit. survey class, amuse yourself with more usual FI fare: a song about men with earrings and an imaginary conversation delving into how you kiss and make up with a temperamental conductor.

Also, the gossiper got a dose of her own this week. Thanks, guys.

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One thought on “The Friday Informer: Dishing It Out

  1. Chris Becker

    I don’t mean any disrespect here, but I am the only composer in NYC who really didn’t think the NY Times piece was really that big a deal? Something to get upset about?

    I think I was too busy over at Sequenza batting back and forth with a few of their regulars…What do you do when one of your favorite composer is a racist? Composers weigh in…

    True, some people might think the minimalism article is more important…whatever. David Toub and I are like brothers now, by the way…

    RIP Max Roach.


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