The Friday Informer: Future So Bright

The Friday Informer: Future So Bright

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Kitty Jarrett [via therestisnoise]

So we’ve been dishing a lot around here this week about slacking university profs. and ADD concertgoers, but if we take a look in the mirror, we’d realize that we’re pointing at ourselves. Though we don’t often murmur it out loud, every so often we’re intentionally trying to drive people crazy—sometimes just a little, and then sometimes a whole lot. It’s art!

Still, there are those who are not so amused by our antics. When this includes the people we hope will perform our music, we need only one thing. Okay, no, that’s not going to really help (though I do wish my birthday was coming up). No, what we need are options and an enthusiastic conductor, and the 21st century is answering our call. If the prospect sends you looking for your Paxil, your passport, and tickets to Prague, cry me a river. (Seriously, there’s a prize in it for you.)

It was the pop world’s turn to give us a little love this week, and we’ll take it. We’ll even hug back and listen while you talk for a little bit.

Really, it’s best if we all team up right now because—and we break the news gently because apparently they haven’t told some of the record executives on the 9th floor—the music industry is changing and we can’t go back. And after we take a deep breath and count to ten, we might find out that it won’t hurt a bit. [via artsjournal]

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