The Friday Informer: How Hip Do Ya Wanna Be?

The Friday Informer: How Hip Do Ya Wanna Be?

Charmed, I’m sure: Elliott Carter melts hearts and weakens knees as Signal To Noise cover boy.

  • “Someday, dozens of Princeton alumni will be able to say that they played a little PowerBook in college.” We can only offer our apologies to the future teenage children of these performers. [via ArtsJournal]

  • Is it still considered screwing around at work if you can also call it art?

  • Consider yourself a musical radical? When is the last time the cops threatened to break up one of your concerts?

  • Fear and loathing in Los Angeles: Mark Swed fears hipsters; finds hope for music’s future in the old minimalist classics. Oh, those funny classical critics.

  • Meanwhile, critic Terry Teachout feels increasing alienated from the concert hall. Was it something we said?

  • “The 365-Day Composition Project: We Are All Mozart” allows composer Dennis Báthory-Kitsz to deal with the insanity, the dream, and the financing of completing a piece every day in 2007. So far, he has completed the spread sheet outlining how he’s to pay for all this madness.

  • And if you still need proof that music people can indeed tie anything to Mozart, just follow the associative thinking. [via therestisnoise]

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