The Friday Informer: Just what is a bell on a bobtail, anyway?

The Friday Informer: Just what is a bell on a bobtail, anyway?

Photo of the Week [via soho the dog]

  • As they sharpen their pencils and write those “best of the year” lists, New York City turns the tables and critiques the critics.

  • If even after a decade of music school, your family still has no clear conception of exactly what it is that you do, say it with a homemade holiday gift.

  • Before the millionth Muzaked performance of the Nutcracker Suite drives you to off the department store Santa, sample this arrangement for bicycle parts.
    [via music for maniacs]

  • Still, if traditional holiday tunes seem too old hat for your adventurous disposition, leave it to the new music crew to make even the old standards more obscure and intellectual.

  • The Grinch may have stolen Christmas, but this Time Warner CEO stole an entire music catalog. (Okay, maybe all iPod owners are criminals after all.)

[Via—the website for classical musicians]

Have you heard?

  • Wondering if you’re hardwired to hear the pretty colors yourself? There’s a test for that.

  • Feel like you don’t get Xenakis? Perhaps there’s a deeper reason it all seems Greek to you.
    [via soho the dog]

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One thought on “The Friday Informer: Just what is a bell on a bobtail, anyway?

  1. jbunch

    These would make great titles for pieces!


    Precious Metal Musical Devices, Allow Crystalline Formations to Descend, Commence Auditory Reception…, Soundless Noctural Period…

    Thank you Classically Hip, I will never struggle with titles ever again!


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