The Friday Informer: Labor Days

The Friday Informer: Labor Days

Photo of the Week:
Draw Me a Venn Diagram

eighth blackbird’s Lisa Kaplan is a Serious Classical Musician. Yet in this picture, we can see her belly button. I give it five months before she’s hanging out with Amy Winehouse.

Slow week in blogland, what with the professors heading back to the blessed dreamland that is academia and the critics sneaking in a last week at the beach.

Good thing there are still a few lifeguards on duty. Thought you didn’t have to worry about such things? Think again. I didn’t know innocent harmony could need defending, but apparently danger lurks.

And not just in theory class! There’s probably enough here for a whole season of Law and Order episodes. Cats—forcing their composer-owners to write brilliant symphonies using the stare of death! Musicologists—offended by the use of hiphop in an academic context! Also, Beethoven—still dead! Seriously, there’s at least enough material to give that sappy teen soap The O.C. a run for it. Has FOX explored some sort of orchestra spin-off? We could ask Blair Tindall to serve as executive producer.

If it’s all leaving you feeling like you’re living on the wrong planet, build your own. Also, we hear caves are much less lonely now thanks to the internet.

It’s a holiday weekend, so do a little celebrating and take it easy. Enjoy a laugh. The tests and band rehearsals will wait for you.

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