The Friday Informer: Let Us Now Praise Famous Austrians

The Friday Informer: Let Us Now Praise Famous Austrians

Positively dizzy-drunk on the articles clogging up cyberspace surrounding the Birthday Boy—the life, the brand, the genius, the timelessness, the problems, the diary, the manuscripts, the influence, the skull, the collaborators, more on the genius—I’m finding it difficult to wrestle out the new music dish today. Still, some choice multimedia for your Friday…

  • Have it your way: A little something special for those who love Keith Jarrett’s musical grunting, and something for those who would rather he curbed his enthusiasm just a touch.

  • The creative minds in the marketing dept. finally acknowledge the brilliance of the avant garde composer. [Kyle Gann via Mary Jane Leach]

  • Speaking of untapped genius, until today I’d never really considered the music created by the American auctioneer. Wow. [via Music for Maniacs]

  • You can listen, but not touch. Probably safer that way—wouldn’t want to drool on the keypad.

  • And yeah, he’s a dude, he’s white, and he’s dead, and you’ve been pummeled from all directions by the declaration that he’s the Greatest Composer…Ever! Still, if you think your self-esteem is suffering today, sing a last chorus of “Rock Me, Amadeus” and be thankful you don’t work at the Times.

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3 thoughts on “The Friday Informer: Let Us Now Praise Famous Austrians

  1. mjleach

    If you liked the ad, you might want to check out the site that talks about it – notice link further down that shows how it was put together in rehearsals – really neat. Note, I am not promoting anything, it’s just nice to see contemporary music taken so seriously (and singers getting residuals).


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