The Friday Informer: News of the Weird

The Friday Informer: News of the Weird

  • Look mom, new music on TV! CBS News covers composer/violinist Daniel Bernard Roumain, who breaks it down in front of grandparents so cool they already own 50 Cent CDs.

  • Now this is a copyright guide I can wrap my brain around. Hopefully, an illustrated tax code is next.

  • Ever consider a career swap after blowing an entire commission check just to get a haircut? This roller-skating, bird-punching (don’t look at me—I have no idea) thereminist picks up extra revenue giving haircuts to the daring. Small dogs also welcome.

  • Worried about seeing a profit after your next concert? At least you didn’t have to put up a kidney as collateral.

  • The latest entries in the Iron Chef of Music competition, which featured a sample of Benny Goodman playing Béla Bartók. The giggling soap opera star takes a taste and says, “Sounds like springtime in my ear.” [via disquiet].

  • “Pay no attention to what the critics say; there has never been set up a statue in honor of a critic.”—Jean Sibelius. So much for that one. [via felsenmusick]

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3 thoughts on “The Friday Informer: News of the Weird

  1. sniggleron

    I saw DBR’s promotional DVD not too long ago and I was left completely cold. The assertions that he is bringing something revolutionary and exciting to new music is a joke. Attempting to form an unholy marriage between some emerging musical idiom and “classical” music is the oldest trick in the book (cf. Rhapsody in Blue, Days of Future Passed, Tommy, etc.).

    I’ve heard better composition of this sort from 15-year olds, not to mention better playing. Is DBR capable of playing the violin? It sure didn’t sound like it. I don’t care how many photos this guy has of himself with Philip Glass, I think once DBR’s 15 minutes come to an end, we’ll never hear about him again — thank the gods.

  2. coreydargel

    DBR’s PreOwned Underwear Available on eBay
    Composers have a lot to learn, myself included, about promoting our music, and ourselves too. DBR’s methods are tacky, and his music definitely doesn’t live up to the hype, but but but but but creating and marketing a persona is a method more composers should embrace; after all, presenters are horrible at promoting music; they are much better at promoting people.


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