The Friday Informer: Oh, Say Can You Complain?

The Friday Informer: Oh, Say Can You Complain?

Movie of the Week:
No Wonder We Don’t Roll Like That

Rumor on the street was that 50 and the trombonist had a bit of a rapper’s beef before the show. [Via Sound and Space]

Internet land is getting to be a downer, as others have also sadly noted. For various reasons, a steady spring drizzle has rained on Zeffirelli productions (and that’s a lot of wet velvet right there), music critics who say the wrong things or who no longer have any place to say them, Pulitzer Prize-winning articles, a physically disabled violinist, even Canada.

Okay, I understand (at least some of) the angst. And the music itself can also be a depressing mess of things you don’t want and yet are legally compelled to hold on to. We’re all in this together for the love, though, so smell a few flowers and enjoy yourself. It’s music! You’re killing me here.

In other disturbing news, we learned this week that aspiring opera stars can sing death metal without fear (instructions available if this makes you want to try it at home), but that classical musicians with an emo side project should tread carefully.

There were a few spots of sunshine among the rain clouds. Our musical rights were advocated for and a new kind of music TV was launched. Also, the Emergency Alert System went 2.0 and will now deliver text messages via cell phone. To the tune of Short Ride in a Fast Machine?

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