The Friday Informer: Oh, the things you wish you didn’t know

The Friday Informer: Oh, the things you wish you didn’t know

Molly Sheridan's brain
This is your (ok, my) brain on new music. Any questions?

A big shout out to Mr. Nordschow, who kindly played host to you while I was out exploring the musical marvelousness of the MRI machines at the NYU Medical Center. Seriously, the technician pleaded with me to don headphones and make the whole experience just one long elevator ride. How to explain that I preferred the wacky rhythms and overtones produced by the noisy machine without him checking off the “just plain crazy” box as my diagnosis?

I’m sure this isn’t the only area in which the meeting of science and music is just plain scary. Let’s take a moment to ask some hard questions…

  • Drink a lot of coffee while you work? Suddenly that bottomless cup at Perkins the night before the commission is due seems like much less of a deal.

  • Ever felt threatened by a soprano (and here I refer to those of the musical, not Jersey-mafia, persuasion)? Turns out the fledgling singers are more dangerous than you ever suspected.

  • Serialism for kindergarteners? This site makes creating your very own inverted-retrograde child’s play. (click on “Composing with 12 Tones,” upper right)

  • But, um, yeah, the phrase “women aren’t as good at math as men; ergo, there have been no great female composers“—sadly not here for its hysterical comedic value.

  • Have you lusted after fame that would put you on par with those who never need a reservation at Bungalow 8? You might start with a ringtone designed exclusively for you by Danny Elfman, Laurie Anderson, Philip Glass, Michael Gordon or Meredith Monk. The proceeds even go towards a great cause, so you can build your “famous person who always remembers the little people” moxie at the same time.

  • This link is just for readers still perplexed by the Oscar nod to “It’s Hard Out Here For A Pimp.” All others, please, please avert your ears.

  • Wonder why we’re wasting space on pop? Because they’re wasting space on us. Awww, we can all just get along!

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