The Friday Informer: One, Two, Three, Four…

The Friday Informer: One, Two, Three, Four…

Movie of the Week

One two three four/one two three four five six…
a little Glass for the little ones. [via BoingBoing]
I bet that bass player is still watching this one chanting,
“I just don’t get it.”

The Xmas season is often about revisiting old favorites—enjoying the soundtrack to A Charlie Brown Christmas, watching the antics of those artistic treasures during the annual the Kennedy Center Honors, listening to those church choirs all strung out on eggnog.


But seriously, ’tis the time for round-up lists, and this year it’s all about The Ross. My friend Nitsuh discovered that even Duran Duran is reading it. Maybe now would be a good time to punch up the profile of a few new music folk for the crowd or just beam the music right into their unsuspecting little heads.

If you’re less a shopper and more a saver, violins are a good investment, but real violinists? Not so much. Guess the children can just learn to play the imaginary ones.

But that’s okay; I mean, it’s not like they’re going to grow up to be successful orchestra musicians with high job satisfaction anyway. (Sounds more like they’d fall just below janitor on this chart, actually.) No, no, I’m only teasing. There are still plenty of opportunities, including orchestral positions that allow you practice while checking your email and playing a video game. Though I don’t think even Grand Theft Auto could prepare you for a round of something like this.

Say what you will about technology and classical music, there’s some iPod fun to be had out there in Blogland this week. And while my Hungarian self certainly wouldn’t mind chowing down on some borsht and pierogies with the serialists now that the weather has turned frigid, I think I’ll swim upstream for a bit to see just what it is about Baltimore.

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