The Friday Informer: Plenty Crazy Without Gnarles Barkley’s Help

The Friday Informer: Plenty Crazy Without Gnarles Barkley’s Help

Photo of the Week: 40,000 square foot concrete slab + 1 score
A performance of James Tenney’s In a large, open space is planned here (1168 E. 5th St., Los Angeles, CA) on July 10, 8-11 p.m.
Photo by Michael Parker: RoutesAndMethods
[via Johnny Chang/ANABlog]

  • Net neutrality: Whether you’re for it or against it, I seriously doubt you want Senator Ted Stevens (R-Alaska) making the case on your behalf.

  • As your car radio subjects you to the 7 millionth performance of “Crazy” so far this summer, consider that behind every multi-million dollar grossing pop song slaves a lesser-paid composer with the original idea.

  • Feeling lonely? Make music with a little composer pal. For the more conservative computer-using composer: try this.

  • Oooooooh…,

    [via eyebeam]

  • These guys weren’t even drinking on the 4th, but they suspect their wind chimes are playing them a riff from A Love Supreme.

  • But what I want to know is: Did La Monte go for the raspberry Jello or the lime?

  • The next time someone suggests that new music concerts are too formal, just say, “Yes, we know,” and smile. After all, the alternative is really freakin’ scary.

  • On the back of polyphony rides our downfall: Hildegard to Diamanda in 55 minutes.

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