The Friday Informer: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

The Friday Informer: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Commercials of the Week:

Just in time for weekend kick off, the orchestra delves into some advertising—environmentally friendly to boot. [top clip via MusicalPerceptions]

Though it’s not exactly our house blend, our indie-pop friends are doing the heavy lifting and offering up some serious reading and weighty listening lists this week. Taken all together, I suspect it sounds a lot like this.

Popularity may be the contest that counts, scientifically speaking, but there’s another theory in circulation that it’s curiosity that would better pay the bills around these parts. Too bad our landlord is not taking our number of MySpace friends into account when collecting our rent.

And so, since there’s not much money in busking in the subway, and there are venues that now expect you to pay them, we drive like maniacs to make ends meet.

So, we’re not dead, we’re just multitasking. We like interesting sounds, and all indications are that we’re pretty good at being our own DJs and educators and presenters. And just give us two minutes on The Colbert Report and see what happens. Look away if such vital signs disturb you. There are ice floes and mountaintops where you may find peace and tranquility.

Personally, I found plenty of disturbing sights elsewhere. There was minimalism meeting scientology, for instance, and that in-depth analysis of Boulez’s hair. And that’s not even getting into the corsets and closets of the opera elite.

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