The Friday Informer: Reich Unphased by Another Birthday (Groan)

The Friday Informer: Reich Unphased by Another Birthday (Groan)

Photo of the Week
Yeah, yeah…Steve Reich turned 70 on Tuesday and across the nation we all worked on our phasing puns and sang Happy Birthday over and over again in his honor. Best wishes, Steve.
Photo by Jeffrey Herman

  • Meanwhile, another Steve gets a much deserved gold star next to his name for this thing they’re calling a blog. (Not everyone is celebrating)

  • Ironically, Reich’s birthday distracted us from the 6th Annual Carry a Tune Week. [via musical perceptions]

  • Could the swing in Condi’s step trip her up at the polls? [via the well-tempered blog]

  • Ross slams Foley while reporting useful music retail information, all in the headline. Guess that’s why they give him the big bylines.

  • Meet “free-jazz-noise trio Death Sentence: Panda!” Yeah, kids, the “panda” warm and fuzzy tack-on really doesn’t soften the blow all that much.

  • Mommy, where do flutes come from?

  • Nothing good on the iPod? New companions for your commute await. Or, listen to your commute.

  • Suicidal, gun-toting, sexed up drunks also really like a little classical music in the afternoon.

  • See, Mr. Stearns. Not one mention of Eric’s stormy blue eyes or silky blonde locks in the entire paragraph.

  • This week in orchestra news: applauding between movements. And still we wonder why the industry is having such trouble keeping up with the times.

  • It’ll be a long weekend. Dig around here if you get bored. [via disquiet]

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