The Friday Informer: So Long, Farewell

The Friday Informer: So Long, Farewell

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Requiem for a Wardrobe

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Imagine if you awoke this morning to a world without internet access, a place where Kathleen Battle could sing for the pope, and there would be no comment from the crowd. (Freaky economists suggest that a $5 surcharge has more or less the same effect, however, so rest easy. We might not have to unplug the whole thing.)

But things have been disappearing around here. I mean, I know they’re small and a pain to lug around the city, but you’d think that balanced by the size of those loan payments you’d be a little more paranoid about putting them down. Of course, there’s always the possibility that the instruments are fleeing of their own accord in the name of self-preservation. If you’re a songwriter, you might also want to keep an eye on copyright while you’re at it, at least until it’s completely decimated by technology. Hey, haven’t I heard this one before? Let me hum it for you.

Know what else it looks like we’ve heard before? Hip-hop. That’s right. I had no idea but it seems that there are not only composers with a bullet-proof rep, but also composers who could rap, like, way back in 1966.

Say what you want, but it’s hard out there—it was hard to wake up and be Stockhausen, and it’s still hard to wake up and realize you’re a profesisonal critic. You can choose to play in Bowfire, or you can do something A Far Cry from that, but seriously, if this is what it takes to sell an opera these days, maybe we should move on. Try bringing sexy back. Ewwwww! Actually, let’s scratch that, cause looks have absolutely nothing to do with it.


Does anyone else feel a backslide coming on? Well, speak up. I’m busy watching game shows, record shopping, and playing bingo, and I’m having trouble hearing you.

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