The Friday Informer: The Tax Man Cometh (So Procrastinate With Us)

The Friday Informer: The Tax Man Cometh (So Procrastinate With Us)

Photo of the Week
Overheard in LA: Why yes, I do believe that’s irony
[via The Standing Room]

  • Maybe it’s safer to only know the lyrics to Ned Rorem songs after all? [via Sequenza21]

  • Will Sweeney Todd soon be made even creepier by the smell of meat pies wafting out of the theater? Not to mention the impact this could have on performances of The Pines of Rome.

  • Caucasian violinists who get nervous competing against their Asian colleagues can now blame their parents—both for their genes and their non-tonal language background.

  • Your iPod is desperate for new sounds, but your tax bill has emptied your wallet? Fret not.

  • Or you can pick up a few microtonal podcasts here.

  • For those who walk away from the experience feeling inspired to just do it—there’s a Yahoo support group and accessories just for you.

  • If this is what it takes to get Keith out of the white tux and bowtie, it’s fine by me. But someone should really strap on this baby for a run through of Cheating, Lying, Stealing.

  • Here’s a project: A competition for the most “exquisitely mean review.” Send us your music-related nominations.

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