The Friday Informer: This Just In!

The Friday Informer: This Just In!

Photo of the Week
With the exception of the wire strings, this instrument is entirely constructed out of approximately 100,000 LEGO® parts. And it works! (Not that you’d want to make your recital debut on the thing.) [via well-tempered blog]

  • And yet we wonder why there’s not more new music on T.V. [via Avant Music News]

  • Perhaps the rise in orchestral terrorism, suspicious-looking devices outside concert halls, and bomb threats from jazz pianists will earn the field a larger share of network attention.

  • Meanwhile, there was a lot (one, two, three, four) of chatter this week on Sir Paul and Sting’s contributions to the classical canon.

    For the short of attention span, this brilliant chart pretty much sums the game.

  • One in four Friday Informer readers has a secret obsession with the reality show Project Runway. The winning designer’s ex-bandmates got together to perform “Swing,” the track the models walked to on the grand finale. You can listen (again) here.

  • Well, kids, seems John and Steve (around 6:30 minutes in) put their pants on one leg at a time and MIDI realize their scores just like everyone else.
    [thanks for the tips, Alex and Prof. McJeebie]

  • Get your frozen pumpkin pie out of the box and into the oven. Then download this essential soundtrack.

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3 thoughts on “The Friday Informer: This Just In!

  1. Jebman93

    NewMusic Runway?
    I think we definitely need a Project Runway, but for contemporary composers. That would be some awesome drama. If sh show becomes played out well, what an uprising for new music that would be.


    hidden messages?
    The best (or perhaps most disconcerting) part of that article on orchestral terrorism is this occasionally accurate and accidentally offensive quote near the beginning: “It appears to be musicians, not sopranos, who have been targeting their Seattle Symphony colleagues…” Ha! Musicians, not sopranos! *chortle* I mean… how inappropriate. Heh.

  3. Dennis Bathory-Kitsz

    We did a “Project Runway” emulation when Kalvos & Damian ended back in September 2005. Here’s a rundown about it in my blog from a few days ago:

    Here’s the Komposer Kombat info:

    And here’s a followup of the show:

    We’re taking this on the road, so anyone who’d like to set up the preliminaries at their local radio station, please get in touch!



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