The Friday Informer: Too White and Nerdy?

The Friday Informer: Too White and Nerdy?

Photo of the Week: Get Inked
For the “hopelessly untatted” offers this expert guidance specifically for you, dear NewMusicBox reader. (Thanks for the consult, Jenny.)

Frankly, I would have gone for “Pulitzer Prize Winner” in big block letters.

  • Peer-reviewed online journal Radical Musicology launches. Yeah, you read that right.

  • How would we understand our love of music without charts…lots of complex charts?

  • Love child of Diamanda Galás and Joan La Barbara, perhaps?

  • Lest you feel left out of headline news this week, know that Thailand’s King Bhumibol Adulyadej not only endorses miliary coups, but is also an avid jazz saxophonist.

  • Steven Colbert was robbed by the MacArthur Foundation—he is just as much of a genius as John Zorn.

  • Is there anything the Commodore 64 can’t do? [via boingboing]

  • Just try and resist a polka-dot clad pianist playing “Schroeder’s Revenge” and “Wonky Inside!” [via the well-tempered blog]

  • Who needs Grimm’s fairytales when you have threatening legal letters to read aloud to the children? Honestly, the RIAA may be a little right and a little wrong here, but clearly they need a new public relations agent.

  • Speaking of laughing and the RIAA, Weird Al just had a great week. How long after listening to “Trapped at the Drive Thru” will it take for Peter Gelb to commission an opera from this guy?

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3 thoughts on “The Friday Informer: Too White and Nerdy?

  1. Vanessa Lann

    polka-dot-clad pianist: public performance
    Pianist Isabel Ettenauer will perform her program “The Joy of Toy” (toy piano works – mostly from the cd mentioned above) at the Austrian Cultural Forum in New York City on Tuesday, September 26, at 8 pm. I don’t know whether or not she will be wearing polka-dots, but I do know that she is always an engaging performer!


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