The Friday Informer: While I Was Out

The Friday Informer: While I Was Out

Photo of the Week
Making a statement, without saying a word.

Wow, a girl goes to Nashville for a little raucous classical music conventioning, and meanwhile the newspapers put her honorable profession on trial, calling expert witnesses to the stand. With friends like these…, as they say. Obviously no one reporting on this story has consulted with the cats in marketing. Or the people paying Deborah Borda’s salary. Honestly.

I’m not sure if it has anything to do with the heat, but LA Opera has announced that it’s made Woody Allen an offer he couldn’t refuse, though we suspect they left out the fact that Los Angeles is not a hot new neighborhood near East Williamsburg.

LA is not the only place where summer is unleashing a little craziness in the residents. In addition to that thing with the people’s opera tenor, Frank is in love and needs $3000. There’s also that guy banging on the Franklin D. Roosevelt Mid-Hudson Bridge. NYTimes tech writer David Pogue, probably one of the first dudes to hold an iPhone outside the Apple plant, is so overcome by the experience that he forgets he has one and invents an entire fantasy life for himself based on his longing to acquire the gizmo. As you might imagine, singing ensues.

Meanwhile at the Police Blotter, a stolen violin is caught joy riding on a subway train near Coney Island, and Prof. McJeebie’s music is leaked on the internet. Maybe this lady did it? Perhaps she just wanted to help a brother out?

We always suspected we should be paying more attention when people were talking to us, but never as much as we do now.

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