The Friday Informer: Yesterday Was “World Hearing Voices” Day

The Friday Informer: Yesterday Was “World Hearing Voices” Day

Photo of the Week:
Wading Through the Noise

Alex submits a 250,000-word draft of his book on music of the 20th century to the house critics. Consider it the CliffsNotes version; listening for yourself will take considerably longer.

Seriously. It was. And though we may only have ears for the music, that’s only after it’s been filtered through the drugs, the critics, the culture, and own our personal computers.

  • Classical music fans have inhaled. [via artsjournal]

  • Exploitation, commercialism, marginalism, delusions of grandeur, low self-esteem, addiction to hype, personality disorder, anxiety disorder, panic disorder, star worship, loss of direction. Hey, we never claimed we didn’t have issues.

  • I mean, isn’t that why art song was invented?

  • Apparently, there are only three boys scribbling worth their ink in this whole, music obsessed culture. (Last three graphs.) Our condolences to those who didn’t make the cut.

  • The Lark Quartet to release Klap Ur Handz. Jury still out on whether critics will say yeah.

  • Before there were blogs that only your friends read, there were radio stations that only your friends listened to. [via boingboing]

  • Step 1: Get a grant.
    Step 2: Set up your computer to write some grant music.
    Step 3: Take grant money on vacation to Acapulco.

  • And for those with a little time on their hands this weekend, enjoy! [via Professor Heebie McJeebie]

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