The Friday Informer: You Can’t Be Serious?

The Friday Informer: You Can’t Be Serious?

Photo of the Week
David Silverman, a.k.a. The Flaming Tuba Guy (and of Simpsons directing fame), will appear on the Tonight Show, um, tonight, accompanied by his specially crafted, fire-spurting sousamaphone. Someone TiVo this for Sam Jones.
[via BoingBoing]

  • Alex has put some thought into it and decided to rename classical music, “Awesome Music.” I’ll have what he’s having.

  • Care if they listen? Maybe think again. Proof positive that there is danger in writing too specifically for your audience. “Squeaky-deakey!” just kills me.

  • Also, take a listen to John North Wright, surely to be crowned the Henry Darger of opera. [both items via musicformaniacs]

  • And while you’ve got your headphones on: listen through to the end of this clip. Handel never sounded so…so modern.

  • We’re doomed! Oh, wait. Maybe not.

  • MySpace is the best or the worst thing to happen to musicians. Oh, wait. Murdoch? Yeah, that’s probably not so safe.

  • And they say composers isolate themselves.

  • There are angels over Boston. Whether or not that’s a good thing? Matter of opinion—several (one, two, three, four) opinions, actually.

  • Composer Joseph Bertolozzi has begun developing Bridge Music, which will use the Mid-Hudson Bridge in Poughkeepsie, New York, as its instrument. Performances (slated for 2009) will be broadcast live to audiences on the shore, as well as incorporate live radio/web/telecasts via microphones strategically placed on the bridge’s surfaces. Amazingly, he’s not even the first guy to think of such a thing.

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