Welcome to NewMusicBox 2.0

Welcome to NewMusicBox 2.0

So, what’s going on here, you might find yourself asking at this point. What’s all this COVER, MATTER, RADAR and CHATTER? What happened to “In The First Person”? What happened to “Hymn & Fuguing Tune”? What did Hymn & Fuguing Tune mean anyway?

For the past year, we’ve been recreating NewMusicBox from the bottom to the top, making it more intuitive and easier to navigate and giving it a structure that will allow us to update information everywhere on the site more frequently: weekly, daily, hourly! So forget about sleeping…

In the section called COVER, we’ll be “covering” (pun intended) key figures and issues in new American music, much as we had done in the past with our In The First Person conversations but taking fuller advantage of our multi-media resources to include concert and rehearsal footage, where possible, and other perspectives, to give greater dimensionality to what we’re covering than just talking heads. There will be a new one of these every month and it will be prominently featured on our cover, get it?

MATTER will contain all kinds of text-based pieces that in the past had populated many different sections of NewMusicBox, the kind of stuff that non-virtual magazines still call printed matter. We will be featuring in-depth analysis articles, along the lines of our one-time “In The Third Person” HyperHistories, as well as our more opinion-oriented Views columns, practical advice ToolBox columns, and the book excerpt and interview feature, InPrint. New material will be added to Matter on a weekly basis, so you’ll have to keep coming back if you want to stay current.

In fact, if you really want to stay current, you’ll have to come back daily to keep up with our new RADAR section which will offer insider reports about new music goings-on all over the country. With this new section, we really hope to fulfill our promise to build and sustain a national community for new music. Also, every day we’ll be featuring a snippet from a recording of new music that’s come to our attention.

What you’re wandering around in right now is CHATTER, which in old NewMusicBox speak is somewhere north of “In The Second Person” and east of “LeadSheet.” It’s somewhat akin to a blog, but hopefully not as self-indulgent, and not quite an unmoderated Forum—we’ll gladly print your comments if they are civil and relevant but the anonymous off-topic rants have worn out their welcome. CHATTER will give us an opportunity to share our thoughts with each other as they happen and promises to be lively and full of debate.

So, if we were a piece of software we’d be saying “Welcome to NewMusicBox 2.0.” We hope you’ll find our new format as inviting and as intriguing as we do. Come back often and tell us what you think!

NewMusicBox provides a space for those engaged with new music to communicate their experiences and ideas in their own words. Articles and commentary posted here reflect the viewpoints of their individual authors; their appearance on NewMusicBox does not imply endorsement by New Music USA.

7 thoughts on “Welcome to NewMusicBox 2.0

  1. bdrogin

    I was at my first NewOp/NonOp in 1995 in Toronto when a bunch of us sat down with Krista Rimple of OPERA America to brainstorm the problem of operas that got a world premiere but never saw a second production. I remember suggesting that critics should only be invited to the seventh production of any new opera! Well, out of that discussion came an OPERA America initiative that I believe was called “Second Stage,” intended, specifically, to NOT fund world premieres. Ten years later there’s no evidence on the Internet or on their website of the program, there’s just the generic Opera Fund, I believe, and co-productions, sometimes involving as many as five or more companies, are replacing second productions as the norm. As to concert pieces, touring is the only way out of world premiere fever.

    Thanks for the think piece – although how, with the new format, anyone who reads it will know that I’ve commented on it, I have no idea.

    Barry Drogin
    Not Nice Music

  2. de Quincy

    Hello Frank,

    Daniel de Quincy from Lake Tahoe: in case you recall me from a few years back.

    My acquisition of broadband and your new version of NewMusicBox happen to coincide, and what a great experience it is! I’ve just now watched and listened to the Thirlwell performance, and greatly enjoyed the music. The sound was excellent, and the visual, all things considered, was much appreciated, probably especially by someone like me living on a distant mountaintop.

    I like – REALLY like – the new format of NewMusicBox. You and the people who worked on it deserve high praise – and a raise, I hope!

    It was a real pleasure seeing the new site today. Thanks VERY much for the work you are doing at AMC. I let my membership lapse, but I’ll have to be sure to join again.

    Best regards,

  3. jszanto

    Finally! Frank, I always had a hard time with the old site, both in looks and navigation. The new revamping looks to be a winner.

    Beauty and brains, a good combo…


  4. rama gottfried

    looks great – cheers!

    the only thing i noticed is that if you start playing the featured track at the top, it stops when you go to a new page :(

    besides that it, very snazzy!

    best regards,

    rama gottfried

  5. JPehrson

    My personal feeling is that it is a better use of the Internet since it is now not a monthly but a *daily* or even *hourly.* That’s great.

    The only “downside” I can see is that some of us could become lazy (like *me*). I know I used to think “Well, I’ve read the complete March NewMusicBox, now how about April…” and then would go to the site and read it. Now I could conceivably get the impression that I’m “caught up” just by reading a few articles… or at least there is no necessity to think of it as an “entire.”

    But, I suppose that’s really not such a big deal, after all…

    Joseph Pehrson


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