What are your top five “outside the industry” music favorites? Tania León

What are your top five “outside the industry” music favorites? Tania León

[On the road when NewMusicBox caught up with her, León shared what she was listening to while traveling.]

I am writing to you from Florida. I have some music that is inspiring to me here:

Egberto Gismonti, composer, guitar, and piano soloist (Brazil)

Egberto Gismonti’s Meeting Point, a recording of Egberto’s symphonic music with the Lithuanian State Symphony Orchestra. “Frevo” is included in the CD. Egberto as the piano soloist. ECM Records 1586 533 681-2.

Miles Davis Kind of Blue

A CD by Columbia Jazz Masterpieces: Columbia Records/CBS Inc. CK 40579.

Qigang Chen

Chinese composer based in France (Paris) since early 80’s. Crossfertilization between two cultures: China/France. Gigan Chen’s recording of Symphonic works with the Orchestre National de France. The recording includes works such as Iris Devoilee, Reflect d’un temps disparu for cello and orchestra (Yo-Yo Ma soloist and Wu Xing).

NG La Banda, Salsa Orchestra (Cuba)

NG La Banda, a salsa band from Cuba, Jose Luis Cortes. Selection No. 7 on that CD has always given me plenty to think about with regards to “la energia poliritmica, y el poder de movimiento” in the work (polyrhythmic energy, and power of movement).

J.S. Bach Suites II, III, IV for Orchestra

Amsterdamse Bach Solisten, Marc Minkowski, Conductor. A live recording with no editing. Getronics CD ABS 9501 Digital.

The list is only a fraction of the world of sound I love to inhabit. The five CDs I mentioned above did not include Janacek, for example. I listen and listen. I very much enjoy the musics of the people of our polycultural world. Lately, I have found it challenging to discern the counterpoint of voices we get showered with by families of wild turkeys as they go singing to the forest. And…what about the birds? … Well, it is wonderful… It sounds…

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