A Visit to the Workshop of Bart Hopkin

A Visit to the Workshop of Bart Hopkin

Family Portrait: Bart Hopkin with some of his instruments

Tuesday, June 17, 2003, Nicosia, CA

Videotaped by Miloh Alexander
Transcribed by Randy Nordschow and Frank J. Oteri

  1. Becoming an Instrument Builder
  2. Standardized Instruments vs. One-Of-A-Kinds
  3. Tone Quality Considerations
  4. Intonation
  5. Playability and Musicianship
  6. A Community for Iconoclasts
  7. Outreach, Education and Promotion

Instrument Demonstrations (QuickTime Video Only):

  1. The Branching Corrugaphone
  2. Savart’s Wheel
  3. The Open Siren
  4. The Cat’s Face
  5. The Bentwood Chalumeau and Mag Strip
  6. The Disorderly Tumbling Forth
  7. Scraper Flutes
  8. Marble Jars
  9. Bass Guitar

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