Abbey Lincoln: A Woman Speaking Her Mind

Abbey Lincoln: A Woman Speaking Her Mind

[Outside noise/music coming from a car]

ABBEY LINCOLN: You hear that? That’s confusion. No, it really is confusion and it’s also revolution. And nobody’s supposed to have any rights, just them. Play your music loud and everybody has to listen to your crap.

LARA PELLEGRINELLI: Well, the volume on everything…

ABBEY LINCOLN: Yeah, this is all crazy.

LARA PELLEGRINELLI: …keeps getting higher.

ABBEY LINCOLN: Hysterical. The TV is, everything is…it’s a wonder that my nerves aren’t worse than they are. That any of us have—we’re going through a terrible time right now.

LARA PELLEGRINELLI: You wrote “Devil’s Got Your Tongue” about some of these rap artists.

ABBEY LINCOLN: The rappers and the women who take their clothes off and walk—you know what I mean? Who entertain in her drawers, with herself exposed. Yeah. Madonna. Devil’s got her tongue. They say that I am spiritual, but so is she. There’s all kinds of spirits—there are holy spirits and there are demon spirits. And if you’re not careful, you will be controlled by the demon spirits here in the name of music or whatever you’re doing. Either it helps us to live or it doesn’t.

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