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Al Margolis

Chester, NY   

Al Margolis has been an activist in the 1980s American cassette underground through his cassette label Sound of Pig Music; was co-founder of experimental music label Pogus Productions, which he continues to run. Active under the name If, Bwana since 1984, making music that has swung between fairly spontaneous studio constructions and more process-oriented composition. He has recorded and/or performed with Pauline Oliveros, Ione, Joan Osborne, Monique Buzzarté, Katherine Liberovskaya, Adam Bohman, Ellen Christi, Fred Lonberg-Holm, Jane Scarpantoni, Ulrich Krieger, David First, and Dave Prescott, among others. Performed as part of GRM Présences Electroniques Festival, the 50th anniversary of INA GRM in Paris, the 15th Brooklyn College Electroacoustic Music, and the 6th Sonic Circuits DC festivals; has had installations at Diapason in NYC and the Santa Fe Electroacoustic Music Festival; collaborated with video artist Katherine Liberovskaya on Take-off, which has been shown internationally; premiered Three Songs in Search of a Voice, a "nohtopera" with MutaMYTHeatre - music by Margolis and text and voice, Lisa Barnard. His It Never Rains in Mexico, a commission by WDR Koln was aired in December 2007.

Articles by Al Margolis:

Articles January 19 2006 | By Al Margolis
On The Record

Pogus proprietor Al Margolis suggests a new strategy to fund independent record labels.