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Colin Holter

Articles by Colin Holter:

Articles February 29 2012 | By Colin Holter
Ring of Fire

Osvaldo Golijov did well for himself in a field whose upper echelon admits very few. The institutions who raised him up on their shoulders and offered him lavish paydays saw...

Articles February 22 2012 | By Colin Holter
Sincerely, John Cage

If there's one event that can unite the American new music community, such as it is, in shared admiration, it must be this year's Cage centennial. I spoke with my...

Listen February 14 2012 | By Colin Holter
Sounds Heard: Aaron Cassidy—The Crutch of Memory

We could call Cassidy's approach—those proliferating and always-changing approaches, rather—"extreme," but that would be unfairly reductive. A listen through The Crutch of Memory, whose pieces show not only Cassidy's growth...

Articles February 8 2012 | By Colin Holter
Mafia of Dots and Lines

Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in—noteheads and stems, that is. No sooner, it seems, do I proclaim my intent to vacation away from standard...

Articles February 1 2012 | By Colin Holter
To Infinity and Beyond

The more I think about what can happen in a piece of music, and about how many different ways there are to formulate and rationalize and structure and challenge and...

Articles January 25 2012 | By Colin Holter
Getting to Know You

At the tail end of class, another one of my students raised his hand to ask whether we (in the broad sense) can learn to like music we're unfamiliar with....

Articles January 18 2012 | By Colin Holter
More Than Words?

Sometime during the long hours I spent working on my most recent piece, it occurred to me that if I were to keep the score to myself and provide the...

Articles January 11 2012 | By Colin Holter
We Need To Talk About New Music

As bloggers about and fans of contemporary music, we can do the most good by supporting the people and institutions that produce it, regardless of whatever internecine beefs we may...

Articles January 4 2012 | By Colin Holter
Like They’ve Never Heard Before

As I've mentioned once or twice before on NewMusicBox, I'm getting ready to teach a month-long continuing education course on radical American music before World War II. To that end,...