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Colin Holter

Articles by Colin Holter:

Articles August 15 2007 | By Colin Holter
Capacity for Being Messed With

Most of the instruments with which I work lie in a continuum of "messiness," of wider or narrower sonic possibility-spaces.

Articles August 8 2007 | By Colin Holter
The Dangers of Being the Decider

If my music is incompetent, two large public universities are at least somewhat complicit. If my music labors under false or unrealistic assumptions, on the other hand, all the blame...

Articles August 1 2007 | By Colin Holter
The Taco Bell Chamber Orchestra, Presented by Sears

How low will you stoop to finance new music?

Articles July 25 2007 | By Colin Holter
When Composers Listen to Pop Music

Whether Motown or Mozart, the pieces we love are changing all the time as our context for them changes—it's actually never the same old song.

Articles July 18 2007 | By Colin Holter
Fear of a Philistine Planet

Once new music is taken out of the ivory tower, away from audiences who (ostensibly) have the prowess to put it in a meaningful context, one has to contend with...

Articles July 11 2007 | By Colin Holter
Fear of an Unknown Unknown

What sort of psychology induces the programming of known bad repertoire rather than the only possibly bad commission?

Articles July 4 2007 | By Colin Holter
The First Rule of Composer Club Is…

Do you have to suffer to produce excellent music? Hard to say: Cage didn't, and Randy doesn't, but you (and I) might.

Articles June 27 2007 | By Colin Holter
It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane…It’s New Music On YouTube

I can't cite statistics, of course, but I wouldn't be surprised to hear that YouTube gets more people interested in new music than all the symphony orchestras in America put...

Articles June 20 2007 | By Colin Holter
The Agony of Influence

Musical response to another art form is tempting, but the composer still isn’t excused from composing.